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Student, engineer, tinkerer

My research interests are designing and developing hierarchical ultra low power embedded systems. Throughout my research, I’ve been heavily involved in writing embedded and system software. In addition to my research, I have also worked with high performance computing, Geospatial Information Systems, Android application/system development, computer vision and FPGAs. I am currently working as an industrial IoT platform engineer.

I have been a PC gamer since I was young, and have always been facinated by modding, cheating, and reverse engineering. One of my fondests memories of gaming is using a Fallout save game editor to buff my character. Once I had gained enough knowledge, I started creating my own tools for various games as a side hobby. Reverse engineering games and their file formats is an enjoyable puzzle that combines gaming and engineering.

Featured projects

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Modding Tools
Combat Mission Modding tools
Collection of various tools for game modding and reverse engineering
Reverse engineering game shaders video series
Dynamic Camouflage System